Mar 25

Prepper meetup groups in Nevada


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Southern Nevada

Las Vegas http://www.meetup.com/LasVegasPreppers/



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  1. stacey afflerbach

    I was born and raised in henderson, since 1965 I have seen changes in my valley that I dont see as improvements. I want to be prepared when all the changes that they believe are improvemnts end up being our down fall. we all have a responsiblity to our families and I would like to meet other like minded people

    1. Gary

      Stacey, I live in Las Vegas and have recently become interested in prepping. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

  2. Mark

    Good for you Stacey. I lived in Henderson for 9 years. Moved away two years ago to a lesser populated area.


    1. stacey

      I would love to move to our place in utah but I take care of my 82 years old mom. She grew up in the country but at 80 she is into visiting it not living it every day. we are fixing our place but still have to keep our home here. Glad to see someone got to get away from the city

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